Preserving The Pure Bred Canine

1. The CANINE Registration Application must be used to register dogs whose parents are not registered with American Kennel Coalition. The dog owner must complete the application and provide a copy of registration papers from another kennel club (approved by AKC) as proof of his/her dog being purebred. If other kennel club papers are not available, the dog owner must provide two witnesses who can verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the information listed on the application. When using the witness option, your dog must be at least 6 months of age and you must submit 3 photos (front, left & right) of your dog with the application. If any of the information listed on the application or the photos submitted are challenged, the dog owner agrees to bring forth said witnesses

2. When representing a puppy as eligible for American Kennel Coalition registration, the owner/breeder must provide the new owner with a current, completed pre-printed Puppy Registration Application, which includes the parents' names and AKC registration numbers. If the breeder does not own the sire, and the sire is registered with another kennel club, which has been approved by AKC, then the breeder must provide a copy of the sire's registration papers from the other kennel club

3. AKC registration applicants and certificate holders acknowledge that all AKC registration applications and registration certificates (once issued) remain the property of AKC and are to be surrendered upon demand. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of each dog owner/breeder to notify AKC of any changes in a dog’s registration status such as its death or change in ownership

4. Names of dogs registered with American Kennel Coalition must not exceed thirty (30) characters, including spaces & punctuation marks between words. Furthermore, names of dogs that AKC determines to be objectionable, including but not limited to names determined to be obscene, shall not be permitted.
When AKC certificates are issued to an applicant, a current set of AKC Registration Rules will be issued to the certificate holder. The certificate holder will be presumed to agree, follow, abide and comply with the current AKC registration rules, guidelines, policies, and procedures, as if he had signed his/her name and set his/her seal to these registration rules, guidelines policies, and procedures in the same manner as with any binding agreement, unless within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the certificate and the copy of the then current AKC Registration Rules,

5. All purebred dogs registered with American Kennel Coalition must be 'of proper breed STANDAR, which is in addition to purebred status. In cases where the 'of proper breed type' standard of a dog is in question, AKC will recognize and act on the results of Photo Enhancement Analysis (PEA) testing to determine if the dog in question is 'of proper breed type'. PEA testing shall be done according to current AKC procedures as set forth by AKC and at the expense of the party contesting or challenging the standard 'of proper breed type' of the dog. Any breeder or owner of any dog(s) registered with AKC who has the standard of his AKC-registered dog(s) challenged as being not 'of proper breed type', shall agree to submit the dog(s) in question to PEA testing according to AKC guidelines at the challenger’s expense. All members of AKC and registration applicants agree to abide by said PEA testing results.